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B Pharm Biochemistry Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Welcome back, Last Bench Pharmacists! Buckle up for another adventure in B.Pharm Biochemistry Unit 2, where we'll explore the intricate processes that turn carbs into cellular fuel and unlock the secrets of energy extraction with biological oxidation. Get ready for engaging explanations, free B Pharm Biochemistry Unit 2 Pdf Notes, and insightful images to guide you like a pro.

B Pharm Biochemistry Notes
B Pharm Biochemistry Notes

B Pharm Biochemistry Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Unit 2

Chapter 1 (Carbohydrate metabolism)

Glycolysis – Pathway, energetics and significance Citric acid cycle- Pathway, energetics and significance HMP shunt and its significance; Glucose-6-Phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency Glycogen metabolism Pathways and glycogen storage diseases (GSD) Gluconeogenesis- Pathway and its significance Hormonal regulation of blood glucose level and Diabetes mellitus

Chapter 2 (Biological oxidation)

Electron transport chain (ETC) and its mechanism. Oxidative phosphorylation & its mechanism and substrate phosphorylation Inhibitors ETC and oxidative phosphorylation/Uncouplers

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