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B Pharm Communication Skills Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Updated: Jan 21

Ready to dive deeper into the captivating world of B.Pharm communication? Unit 2 beckons you with its exploration of the Elements of Communication and the diverse landscape of Communication Styles. This blog, coupled with a trove of free B Pharm Communication Skills Unit 2 Pdf Notes, will be your key to unlocking these secrets and mastering the art of effective communication.

B.Pharm Communication skills Notes
B.Pharm Communication skills Notes

B Pharm Communication Skills Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Unit 2

Chapter 1

Elements of Communication: Introduction, Face to Face Communication - Tone of Voice, Body Language (Non-verbal communication), Verbal Communication, Physical Communication

Chapter 2

Communication Styles: Introduction, The Communication Styles Matrix with example for each -Direct Communication Style, Spirited Communication Style, Systematic Communication Style, Considerate Communication Style.


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