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B Pharm Herbal Drug Technology Unit 1 PDF Notes

B Pharm Herbal Drug Technology Unit 1 PDF Notes is like stepping into an herbal apothecary of the future! Forget the dusty textbooks and chemical compounds for a sec. This unit invites you to explore the fascinating world where ancient herbal wisdom meets cutting-edge science. Imagine transforming that calming cup of chamomile tea into a powerful, evidence-based medicine or wielding the natural anti-inflammatory magic of turmeric like a modern-day herbal superhero. We'll delve into the fascinating history and cultural significance of medicinal plants, crack the code of their bioactive compounds, and discover how they interact with the human body on a cellular level. It's like learning a secret language whispered by leaves and roots, where ginger reveals its secrets for soothing nausea and echinacea boasts its immune-boosting potential. So dust off your curiosity (and maybe grab a t-shirt that says "Plant Whisperer in Training"), unleash your inner herbal detective, and prepare to be amazed by the science escondido within every petal.

B Pharm Herbal Drug Technology Notes
B Pharm Herbal Drug Technology Notes

B Pharm Herbal Drug Technology Unit 1 PDF Notes

Unit 1

Herbs as raw materials

Definition of herb, herbal medicine, herbal medicinal product, herbal drug preparation Source of Herbs Selection, identification and authentication of herbal materials Processing of herbal raw material

Biodynamic Agriculture

Good agricultural practices in cultivation of medicinal plants including Organic farming. Pest and Pest management in medicinal plants: Biopesticides/Bioinsecticides.

Indian Systems of Medicine

a) Basic principles involved in Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homeopathy

b) Preparation and standardization of Ayurvedic formulations viz Aristas and Asawas, Ghutika,Churna, Lehya and Bhasma.


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