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B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Unit 1 Pdf Notes

Dust off your lab coats, comrades, 'cause we're embarking on a journey to the promised land of... Industrial Pharmacy 1, Unit 1! Prepare to be dazzled by the thrilling world of… preformulation studies, that's right, the exciting science of figuring out if your drug will even cooperate before you spend hours mixing it into a gooey mess. We'll dive into the murky depths of solubility, partition coefficients, and pKa values, like a bunch of pharmaceutical pirates searching for buried treasure (except the treasure is, uh, knowledge… yeah, knowledge). So grab your trusty calculator (it'll be your new best friend) and a hefty dose of sarcasm (it's the official Last Bench Pharmacist lubricant), and prepare to navigate the treacherous waters of B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Unit 1 Pdf Notes with yours truly, the captain of the S.S. Snarky Study Session.

Just remember, if the equations get too mind-numbing, there's always the life raft of procrastination: blame the printer and head to the nearest chai stall. But hey, at least you'll have some epic stories to tell about the time you almost blew up the lab trying to dissolve your drug in the wrong solvent, right?

B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Notes
B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Notes

B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Unit 1 Pdf Notes

Unit 1

Preformulation Studies: Introduction to preformulation, goals and objectives, study of physicochemical characteristics of drug substances.

a. Physical properties: Physical form (crystal & amorphous), particle size, shape, flow properties, solubility profile (pKa, pH, partition coefficient), polymorphism

b. Chemical Properties: Hydrolysis, oxidation, reduction, racemisation, polymerization BCS classification of drugs & its significant Application of preformulation considerations in the development of solid, liquid oral and parenteral dosage forms and its impact on stability of dosage forms.


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