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B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Ahoy, tablet tamers and liquid lovers! Brace yourselves for B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Unit 2 Pdf Notes, where we'll dissect the two titans of dosage forms: the mighty tablet, capable of crushing your dreams faster than a failed compression test, and the slippery liquid oral, ready to dissolve your hopes quicker than a timed-release placebo in a shot glass. We'll crack the code of compression, knead the mysteries of granulation, and unleash the magic of coating, all while questioning why anyone in their right mind would choose a solid over a gloriously gooey potion. So grab your spatula (because who needs a fancy tablet press, right?), dust off your trusty mortar and pestle (cause vintage is always in!), and prepare to get hands-on with the gritty, glorious world of tablets and liquids with your favorite Last Bench Pharmacist as your guide. 

Just remember, if things get too messy, there's always the escape hatch: blame the viscosity and head to the nearest bubble tea shop. But hey, at least you'll have some hilarious stories to tell about the time your tablet crumbled like a stale cookie and your cough syrup turned into a science experiment gone wrong, right? 

B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Notes
B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Notes

B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Unit 2


a. Introduction, ideal characteristics of tablets, classification of tablets. Excipients, Formulation of tablets, granulation methods, compression and processing problems. Equipments and tablet tooling.

b. Tablet coating: Types of coating, coating materials, formulation of coating composition, methods of coating, equipment employed and defects in coating.

c. Quality control tests: In process and finished product tests

Liquid orals: Formulation and manufacturing consideration of syrups and elixirs suspensions and emulsions; Filling and packaging; evaluation of liquid orals official in pharmacopoeia


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