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B Pharm 1st Year Medicinal Chemistry 3 Unit 5 Pdf Notes

Updated: Apr 20

Last Bench Pharmacist, ditch the Tinder for a date with destiny – B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry 3 Unit 5 Pdf Notes, and this time, we're talking love triangles! Think of it as the ultimate reality show, where hormones, enzymes, and receptors play a steamy game of tug-of-war for control of your body. We'll be dissecting the molecular matchmakers like oxytocin and the contraceptive contenders like levonorgestrel, understanding how they bind to their targets like the perfect bio-Bae, and unraveling the mysteries of side effects that might turn your crush into a ghost (or maybe just a little bit nauseous). So grab your lab coat (or at least a t-shirt that says "I understand the chemistry of love, one molecule at a time"), get ready for some serious hormonal high jinks, and prepare to rock the medicinal chemistry casbah! Just remember, with great knowledge comes great responsibility (like knowing when to say "no" to that shady energy drink that promises a love potion effect). Buckle up, love chemists, this unit is gonna be a microscopic rom-com with a guaranteed happy ending (for your grades, at least)!

B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry 3 Notes
B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry 3 Notes

B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry 3 Unit 5 Pdf Notes

Unit 5

Introduction to Drug Design

Various approaches used in drug design.

Physicochemical parameters used in quantitative structure activity relationship (QSAR) such as partition coefficient, Hammet’s electronic parameter, Tafts steric parameter and Hansch analysis.

Pharmacophore modeling and docking techniques

Combinatorial Chemistry: Concept and applications chemistry: solid phase and solution phase synthesis.


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