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B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Updated: Feb 15

The B. Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 2 journey takes you into the thrilling realm of the autonomic nervous system (ANS), where nerves dance a delicate tango, controlling heart rate, blood pressure, mood, and more. Feeling lost in the labyrinth of sympathetic and parasympathetic pathways, adrenergic receptors, and intricate drug mechanisms? Fear not, for we have a potent elixir to unlock these secrets – B. Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 2 PDF notes.

B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Notes
B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Notes

B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Pdf Notes

Unit 2

Chapter 1 (Adrenergic Neurotransmitters)

Biosynthesis and catabolism of catecholamine. Adrenergic receptors (Alpha & Beta) and their distribution.

Chapter 2 (Sympathomimetic agents)

Direct acting: Nor-epinephrine, Epinephrine, Phenylephrine*, Dopamine, 89 Methyldopa, Clonidine, Dobutamine, Isoproterenol, Terbutaline, Salbutamol*, Bitolterol, Naphazoline, Oxymetazoline and Xylometazoline.

Indirect acting agents: Hydroxyamphetamine, Pseudoephedrine, Propylhexedrine.

Agents with mixed mechanism: Ephedrine, Metaraminol.

Chapter 3 (Adrenergic Antagonists)

Alpha adrenergic blockers: Tolazoline*, Phentolamine, Phenoxybenzamine, Prazosin, Dihydroergotamine, Methysergide.

Beta adrenergic blockers: SAR of beta blockers, Propranolol*, Metibranolol, Atenolol, Betazolol, Bisoprolol, Esmolol, Metoprolol, Labetolol, Carvedilol.


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