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B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 5 Pdf Notes

Updated: Feb 15

B. Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 5 takes you on a thrilling journey into the realm of pain relief and unconsciousness, where drugs like general anesthetics and analgesics work their magic. Feeling lost in the labyrinth of mechanisms, receptors, and diverse therapeutic uses? Fear not, for we have a potent elixir to unlock these secrets – comprehensive B. Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 5 PDF notes packed with visuals and insights!

B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Notes
B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Notes

B Pharm Medicinal Chemistry Unit 5 Pdf Notes

Unit 5

Chapter 1 (General anesthetics)

Inhalation anesthetics: Halothane*, Methoxyflurane, Enflurane, Sevoflurane, Isoflurane, Desflurane.

Ultra short acting barbitutrates: Methohexital sodium*, Thiamylal sodium, Thiopental sodium.

Dissociative anesthetics: Ketamine hydrochloride.*

Chapter 2 (Narcotic and non-narcotic analgesics)

Morphine and related drugs: SAR of Morphine analogues, Morphine sulphate, Codeine, Meperidine hydrochloride, Anilerdine hydrochloride, Diphenoxylate hydrochloride, Loperamide hydrochloride, Fentanyl citrate*, Methadone hydrochloride*, Propoxyphene hydrochloride, Pentazocine, Levorphanol tartarate. Narcotic antagonists: Nalorphine hydrochloride, Levallorphan tartarate, Naloxone hydrochloride.

Anti-inflammatory agents: Sodium salicylate, Aspirin, Mefenamic acid*, Meclofenamate, Indomethacin, Sulindac, Tolmetin, Zomepriac, Diclofenac, Ketorolac, Ibuprofen*, Naproxen, Piroxicam, Phenacetin, Acetaminophen, Antipyrine, Phenylbutazone.


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