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B Pharm Pharma Marketing Management PDF Notes

B-Pharmers, gear up for the exciting world of pharmaceutical marketing in B Pharm Pharma Marketing Management PDF Notes! Imagine strategizing, communicating, and promoting medications that improve lives. Buckle up as we explore the unique landscape of healthcare marketing, understanding its ethical considerations and regulatory framework. We'll delve into marketing mix strategies, from product development and pricing to distribution and promotion. Get ready to master communication techniques, crafting messages that reach healthcare professionals and patients alike. Remember, it's not just about selling; it's about building trust and ensuring medications reach those who need them most. By the end of this course, you'll be a marketing whiz, equipped to contribute to the responsible and effective promotion of life-changing medications!

B Pharm Pharma Marketing Management Notes
B Pharm Pharma Marketing Management Notes


The pharmaceutical industry not only needs highly qualified researchers, chemists and, technical people, but also requires skilled managers who can take the industry forward by managing and taking the complex decisions which are imperative for the growth of the industry. The Knowledge and Know-how of marketing management groom the people for taking a challenging role in Sales and Product management.


The course aims to provide an understanding of marketing concepts and techniques and their applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

B Pharm Pharma Marketing Management PDF Notes

Unit 1

Marketing: Definition, general concepts and scope of marketing; Distinction between marketing &selling; Marketing environment; Industry and competitive analysis; Analyzing consumer buying behavior; industrial buying behavior.

Pharmaceutical market: Quantitative and qualitative aspects; size and composition of the market; demographic descriptions and socio-psychological characteristics of the consumer; market segmentation& targeting. Consumer profile; Motivation and prescribing habits of the physician; patients' choice of physician and retail pharmacist. Analyzing the Market; Role of market research.

Unit 2

Product decision: Classification, product line and product mix decisions, product life cycle, product portfolio analysis; product positioning; New product decisions; Product branding, packaging and labeling decisions, Product management in pharmaceutical industry

Unit 3

Promotion: Methods, determinants of promotional mix, promotional budget; An overview of personal selling, advertising, direct mail, journals, sampling, retailing, medical exhibition, public relations, online promotional techniques for OTC Products.

Unit 4

Pharmaceutical marketing channels: Designing channel, channel members, selecting the appropriate channel, conflict in channels, physical distribution management: Strategic importance, tasks in physical distribution management.

Professional sales representative (PSR): Duties of PSR, purpose of detailing, selection and training, supervising, norms for customer calls, motivating, evaluating, compensation and future prospects of the PSR.

Unit 5

Pricing: Meaning, importance, objectives, determinants of price; pricing methods and strategies, issues in price management in pharmaceutical industry. An overview of DPCO (Drug Price Control Order)and NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority).

Emerging concepts in marketing: Vertical & Horizontal Marketing; Rural Marketing; Consumerism; Industrial Marketing; Global Marketing.


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