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B Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Updated: Feb 12

B.Pharm students, prepare to witness the captivating dance of acids and bases in Unit 2 of Pharmaceutical Analysis! Master the art of titration, a fundamental technique for analyzing drug samples, with our free, downloadable B Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Unit 2 Pdf Notes. Dive into the fascinating world of neutralization curves, explore different titration types, and conquer non-aqueous environments all at your fingertips.

B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Notes
B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Notes

B Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis-UNIT 2-Pdf Notes

Unit 2

Chapter 1

Acid base titration: Theories of acid base indicators, classification of acid base titrations and theory involved in titrations of strong, weak, and very weak acids and bases, neutralization curves.

Chapter 2

Non aqueous titration: Solvents, acidimetry and alkalimetry titration and estimation of Sodium benzoate and Ephedrine HCl.


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