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B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Unit 5 Pdf Notes

Updated: Feb 12

B.Pharm Unit 5 takes you on a thrilling journey where electricity illuminates the secrets of drugs! Master the art of electrochemical methods of analysis, where you'll harness the power of electrical currents and potentials to reveal the properties and composition of medications. Download your free B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis UNIT 5 Pdf Notes and become a conductor of analytical insights!

B Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Notes
B Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis Notes

B.Pharm Pharmaceutical Analysis-UNIT 5-Pdf Notes

Chapter 1

Electrochemical methods of analysis

Conductometry - Introduction, Conductivity cell, Conductometric titrations, applications.

Chapter 2

Potentiometry - Electrochemical cell, construction and working of reference (Standard hydrogen, silver chloride electrode and calomel electrode) and indicator electrodes (metal electrodes and glass electrode), methods to determine end point of potentiometric titration and applications.

Chapter 3:-

Polarography - Principle, Ilkovic equation, construction and working of dropping mercury electrode and rotating platinum electrode, applications.


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