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B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1 Unit 1 Pdf Notes

Updated: Feb 12

Welcome to the world of Pharmaceutics 1, Unit 1! Here, you'll embark on a captivating journey through the history of pharmacy, delve into the diverse realm of dosage forms, decipher the language of prescriptions, and master the art of calculating precise drug dosages. Download your free B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1-UNIT 1- Pdf Notes and unlock the keys to becoming a pharmaceutical maestro!

B pharm Pharmaceutics 1 notes
B pharm Pharmaceutics 1 notes

B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1-UNIT 1- Pdf Notes

Unit 1

Historical background and development of profession of pharmacy:

History of profession of Pharmacy in India in relation to pharmacy education, industry and organization, Pharmacy as a career, Pharmacopoeias: Introduction to IP, BP, USP and Extra Pharmacopoeia.

Dosage forms: Introduction to dosage forms, classification and definitions

Prescription: Definition, Parts of prescription, handling of Prescription and Errors in prescription.

Posology: Definition, Factors affecting posology. Pediatric dose calculations based on age, body weight and body surface area.


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