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B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1 Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Updated: Jan 21

Unlock the secrets of Pharmaceutical Calculations, Powders, and Liquid Dosage Forms with your free B.Pharm Pharmaceutics 1 Unit 2 Pdf Notes! Navigate the exciting realm of precise drug preparations and delve into the versatile worlds of powder and liquid medicines.

B Pharm Pharmaceutics Notes
B Pharm Pharmaceutics Notes

B Pharm Pharmaceutics 1 Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Unit 2

Pharmaceutical calculations: Weights and measures - Imperial & Metric system, Calculations involving percentage solutions, alligation, proof spirit and isotonic solutions based on freezing point and molecular weight.

Powders: Definition, classification, advantages and disadvantages, Simple & compound powders - official preparations, dusting powders, effervescent, efflorescent and hygroscopic powders, eutectic mixtures. Geometric dilutions.

Liquid dosage forms: Advantages and disadvantages of liquid dosage forms. Excipients used in formulation of liquid dosage forms. Solubility enhancement technique


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