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B Pharm Pharmacology 2 Unit 1 Pdf Notes

Ah,B Pharm Pharmacology 2 Pdf Notes – the course where drugs become your new best friends, or at least frenemies you kinda need to understand to pass. Buckle up, last-benchers, because we're about to dive into the wild world of chemicals that mess with your mind, mend your bod, and maybe even make you dance (if you take the wrong ones on an empty stomach). We'll be dissecting diuretics like they're gossip girls, befriending beta-blockers like they're the cool kids who actually let you copy their homework, and maybe even learn why grandma's herbal tea suddenly gave her the superpower of spontaneous tap dancing. This ain't no sleepy snoozefest, it's a last-bench laboratory of laughter, learning, and maybe a little bit of liver toxicity (don't worry, we'll cover that too). 

B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Notes
B Pharm Industrial Pharmacy 1 Notes

B Pharm Pharmacology 2 Unit 1 Pdf Notes

Unit 1

1. Pharmacology of drugs acting on cardio vascular system

a. Introduction to hemodynamic and electrophysiology of heart.

b. Drugs used in congestive heart failure

c. Anti-hypertensive drugs.

d. Anti-anginal drugs.

e. Anti-arrhythmic drugs.

f. Anti-hyperlipidemic drugs.


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