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B Pharm Pharmacology Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Welcome back, Last Bench Pharmacist! Buckle up as we plunge into the captivating realm of B. Pharm Pharmacology Unit 2, where you'll delve deeper into the mysteries of general pharmacology. Remember your foundational knowledge from Unit 1? Prepare to build upon it like a master architect, exploring nuanced concepts and expanding your understanding of how drugs interact with our bodies. Feeling overwhelmed by the intricate details? Fear not, for I have crafted an even more potent elixir – comprehensive B. Pharm Pharmacology Unit 2 PDF notes with even more illuminating visuals, ready to guide you through this insightful voyage!

B Pharm Pharmacology Notes
B Pharm Pharmacology Notes

B Pharm Pharmacology Unit 2 Pdf Notes

Unit 2

Chapter 1 (General Pharmacology)

a. Pharmacodynamics- Principles and mechanisms of drug action. Receptor theories and classification of receptors, regulation of receptors. drug receptors interactions signal transduction mechanisms, G-protein–coupled receptors, ion channel receptor, transmembrane enzyme linked receptors, transmembrane JAK-STAT binding receptor and receptors that regulate transcription factors, dose response relationship, therapeutic index, combined effects of drugs and factors modifying drug action.

b. Adverse drug reactions.

c. Drug interactions (pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic)

d. Drug discovery and clinical evaluation of new drugs -Drug discovery phase, preclinical evaluation phase, clinical trial phase, phases of clinical trials and pharmacovigilance.

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