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B Pharm Pharmacology Unit 4 Pdf Notes

Yo, B. Pharm peeps! Buckle up for a trip inside your skull, because Unit 4 is all about the drugs that mess with your noodle. We're talking chill pills for anxiety, party starters for depression, and even some that make you see pink elephants (don't worry, it's temporary, maybe). We'll crack the code of those brain chemicals like dopamine and serotonin, the secret messengers that drugs love to hijack. Sure, there might be some side effects (think involuntary disco dancing or forgetting your own name), but hey, at least it's more fun than memorizing Latin names for brain parts. So, grab your caffeine IV (don't judge!), download these B Pharm Pharmacology Unit 4 Pdf Notes, and get ready to bend your mind like a reality TV star!

B Pharm Pharmacology Notes
B Pharm Pharmacology Notes

B Pharm Pharmacology Unit 4 Pdf Notes

Unit 4

Chapter 1 (Pharmacology of drugs acting on central nervous system)

a. Neurohumoral transmission in the C.N.S. Special emphasis on importance of various neurotransmitters like with GABA, Glutamate, Glycine, serotonin, dopamine.

b. General anesthetics and pre-anesthetics.

c. Sedatives, hypnotics and centrally acting muscle relaxants.

d. Anti-epileptics e. Alcohols and disulfiram

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