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B Pharm Pharmacy Practice Unit 4 PDF Notes

B-Pharmers, get ready to dive into the financial side of things in B Pharm Pharmacy Practice Unit 4 PDF Notes! We'll explore budget preparation and implementation, understanding how pharmacies allocate resources for optimal patient care. Imagine making strategic decisions that impact medication availability and affordability. Buckle up as we shift gears to the exciting world of clinical pharmacy, where you'll learn how pharmacists directly contribute to patient care. Think medication reviews, clinical consultations, and even participating in ward rounds alongside doctors. We'll explore how pharmacists use their knowledge of drugs and diseases to optimize medication therapy for individual patients. But it's not just hospitals; we'll also learn about over-the-counter (OTC) sales, understanding responsible dispensing practices for these commonly used medications. Remember, pharmacy practice goes beyond dispensing drugs; it's about managing resources, optimizing patient care, and educating the community. By the end of this unit, you'll be equipped to contribute to the healthcare system at various levels, ensuring medications are used safely, effectively, and affordably.

B Pharm Pharmacy Practice Notes
B Pharm Pharmacy Practice Notes

B Pharm Pharmacy Practice Unit 4 PDF Notes

Unit 4

a) Budget preparation and implementation

Budget preparation and implementation

b) Clinical Pharmacy

Introduction to Clinical Pharmacy, Concept of clinical pharmacy, functions and responsibilities of clinical pharmacist, Drug therapy monitoring - medication chart review, clinical review, pharmacist intervention, Ward round participation, Medication history and Pharmaceutical care. Dosing pattern and drug therapy based on Pharmacokinetic & disease pattern

c) Over the counter (OTC) sales

Introduction and sale of over the counter, and Rational use of common over the counter medications.

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