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Pharm D 1st Year Remedial Biology PDF Notes

Updated: Apr 27

Struggling to juggle all the complex concepts in your Pharm D 1st Year Remedial Biology course? Worry no more! This blog post is your one-stop shop for conquering this foundational subject. We've compiled a comprehensive set of downloadable Pharm D 1st Year Remedial Biology PDF Notes, encompassing every crucial unit you'll encounter. From mastering the building blocks of life to understanding the intricate workings of cells and organisms, these notes provide a clear and concise overview of essential biological principles. Whether you're a visual learner seeking detailed explanations or a busy student needing a quick reference guide, this Pharm D 1st Year Remedial Biology PDF Notes post equips you with the knowledge and resources to excel in your Remedial Biology studies and pave the way for a successful journey in pharmacy.

Pharm D Remedial Biology PDF Notes
Pharm D Remedial Biology PDF Notes


This is an introductory course in Biology, which gives detailed study of natural sources such as plant and animal origin.


This subject has been introduces to the pharmacy course in order to make the student aware of various naturally occurring drugs and its history, sources, classification, distribution and the characters of the plants and animals. This subject gives basic foundation to Pharmacognosy.

Pharm D 1st Year Remedial Biology PDF Notes -PART A

Unit 1


Unit 2

General organization of plants and its inclusions

Unit 3

Plant tissues

Unit 4

Plant kingdom and its classification

Unit 5

Morphology of plants

Unit 6

Root, Stem, Leaf and Its modifications

Unit 7

Inflorescence and Pollination of flowers

Unit 8

Morphology of fruits and seeds

Unit 9

Plant physiology

Unit 10

Taxonomy of Leguminosae, umbelliferae, Solanaceae, Lilliaceae, Zinziberaceae, Rubiaceae

Unit 11

Study of Fungi, Yeast, Penicillin and Bacteria

Pharm D 1st Year Remedial Biology PDF Notes -PART B

Unit 1

Study of Animal cell

Unit 2

Study animal tissues

Unit 3

Detailed study of frog

Unit 4

Study of Pisces, Raptiles, Aves

Unit 5

Genearal organization of mammals

Unit 6

Study of poisonous animals

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