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Pharm D 2nd Year Community Pharmacy PDF Notes

Navigating the dynamic world of community pharmacy can be both exciting and overwhelming for Pharm D students in their second year. Pharm D 2nd Year Community Pharmacy PDF Notes can be your golden ticket to mastering the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this crucial patient-centered setting. This blog post will be your roadmap to unearthing these valuable resources, providing you with a clear direction for your search. But what exactly does community pharmacy entail? We'll delve into the core responsibilities of a community pharmacist, exploring medication dispensing, patient counseling, and the various services offered to ensure optimal patient care. Get ready to unlock the secrets of community pharmacy and discover the rewarding path that awaits you as a future pharmacist!

Pharm D Community Pharmacy PDF Notes
Pharm D Community Pharmacy PDF Note


In the changing scenario of pharmacy practice in India, Community Pharmacists are expected to offer various pharmaceutical care services. In order to meet this demand, students will be learning various skills such as dispensing of drugs, responding to minor ailments by providing suitable safe medication, patient counselling, health screening services for improved patient care in the community set up.


Upon completion of the course, the student shall be able to –

a. know pharmaceutical care services;

b. know the business and professional practice management skills in community pharmacies;

c. do patient counselling & provide health screening services to public in community pharmacy;

d. respond to minor ailments and provide appropriate medication;

e. show empathy and sympathy to patients; and

f. appreciate the concept of Rational drug therapy.

Pharm D 2nd Year Community Pharmacy PDF Notes

Unit 1

Definition, scope, of community pharmacy Roles and responsibilities of Community pharmacist

Unit 2

Community Pharmacy Management

Unit 3


Unit 4

Inventory control in community pharmacy

Unit 5

Pharmaceutical care

Unit 6

Patient counselling

Unit 7

Patient medication adherence

Unit 8

Health screening services

Unit 9

OTC Medication

Unit 10

Health Education

Unit 11

Responding to symptoms of minor ailments

Unit 12

Essential Drugs concept and Rational Drug Therapy Role of community pharmacist

Unit 13

Code of ethics for community pharmacists


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