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Pharm D 2nd Year Pharmaceutical Microbiology PDF Notes

Feeling overwhelmed by the vast world of pharmaceutical microbiology?  Don't worry, future pharmacists! This blog post is your lifeline to success. We've compiled a goldmine of downloadable pharmaceutical microbiology PDF notes, specifically tailored for Pharm D 2nd year students. Get ready to conquer key concepts, explore microbial control methods, and delve into the fascinating realm of microbe-drug interactions. These Pharm D 2nd Year Pharmaceutical Microbiology PDF Notes will be your secret weapon for mastering this crucial subject and taking your pharmaceutical microbiology knowledge to the next level!

Pharm D Pharmaceutical Microbiology PDF Notes
Pharm D Pharmaceutical Microbiology PDF Note


Microbiology has always been an essential component of pharmacy curriculum. This is because of the relevance of microbiology to pharmaceutical sciences and more specifically to pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical biotechnology is the logical extension of pharmaceutical microbiology, which is expected to change the complete drug product scenario in the future. This course deals with the various aspects of microorganisms, its classification, morphology, laboratory cultivation identification and maintenance. Its also discusses with sterilization of pharmaceutical products, equipment, media etc. The course further discusses the immunological preparations, diseases its transmission, diagnosis, control and immunological tests.


Upon completion of the subject student shall be able to –

a. know the anatomy, identification, growth factors and sterilization of microorganisms;

b. know the mode of transmission of disease causing microorganism, symptoms of disease, and treatment aspect;

c. do estimation of RNA and DNA and there by identifying the source;

d. do cultivation and identification of the microorganisms in the laboratory; e. do identification of diseases by performing the diagnostic tests; and f. appreciate the behavior of motility and behavioral characteristics of microorganisms.

Pharm D 2nd Year Pharmaceutical Microbiology PDF Notes

Unit 1

Introduction to the science of microbiology

Unit 2

Different methods of classification of microbes and study of Bacteria, Fungi, virus, Rickettsiae, Spirochetes

Unit 3

Nutritional requirements, growth and cultivation of bacteria and virus

Unit 4

Different methods used in isolation and identification of bacteria with emphasis to different staining techniques and biochemical reactions.

Unit 5

Detailed study of different methods of sterilization including their merits and demerits

Unit 6


Unit 7


Unit 8

Diagnostic tests

Unit 9

Microbial culture sensitivity Testing

Unit 10

Study of infectious diseases


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