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Pharm D 1st Year Inorganic Chemistry PDF Notes

Feeling overwhelmed by the periodic table? Don't worry, these comprehensive Pharm D Inorganic Chemistry PDF Notes are here to be your guide! We'll delve into the fascinating world of metals and non-metals, exploring their properties, reactions, and relevance in the pharmaceutical field. Get ready to conquer topics like acid-base reactions, complexometric titrations, and the crucial role of elements in maintaining our health. So, Pharm D students, fasten your lab coats and prepare to unlock the secrets of inorganic chemistry with these Pharm D Inorganic Chemistry PDF Notes.

Pharm D Organic chemistry PDF Notes
Pharm D Inorganic chemistry PDF Notes


This course mainly deals with fundamentals of Analytical chemistry and also the study of inorganic pharmaceuticals regarding their monographs and also the course deals with basic knowledge of analysis of various pharmaceuticals.


a. Under stand the principles and procedures of analysis of drugs and also regarding the application of inorganic pharmaceuticals;

b. Know the analysis of the inorganic pharmaceuticals their applications; and

c. Appreciate the importance of inorganic pharmaceuticals in preventing and curing the disease.

Pharm D Inorganic chemistry PDF Notes

Unit 1


Unit 2

Volumetric analysis

Unit 3

Acid-base titrations

Unit 4

Redox titrations

Unit 5

Non aqueous titrations

Unit 6

Precipitation titrations

Unit 7

Complexometric titrations

Unit 8

Theory of indicators

Unit 9


Unit 10

Limit tests

Unit 11

Medicinal gases

Unit 12


Unit 13


Unit 14


Unit 15

Electrolyte replenishers

Unit 16

Essential Trace elements

Unit 17


Unit 18

Pharmaceutical aids

Unit 19

Dental Products

Unit 20

Miscellaneous compounds

Unit 21

Radio Pharmaceuticals


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