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Pharm D 1st Year Organic Chemistry Unit 7 PDF Notes

Updated: 3 days ago

Get ready to explore the exciting world of double bonds in Pharm D Organic Chemistry Unit 7 PDF Notes, pharmacy students! These Pharm D Organic Chemistry Unit 7 PDF Notes dives deep into electrophilic and free radical addition reactions, where different molecules add to the double bond, transforming the starting structure. We'll delve into the concepts of electrophiles (electron-loving species) and their role in these reactions. We'll explore hydrogenation, a key reaction that adds hydrogen to a double bond, and unveil the fascinating Markownikoff rule, which helps predict the product's structure. Brace yourselves as we investigate the addition of hydrogen halides and hydrogen bromides, delving into the peroxide effect that influences reaction rates.

Pharm D Organic chemistry PDF Notes
Pharm D Organic chemistry PDF Notes

Pharm D Organic Chemistry Unit 7 PDF Notes

Unit 7

Electrophilic and free radicals addition: Reactions at carbon-carbon, double bond, electrophile, hydrogenation, heat of hydrogenation and stability of alkenes, markownikoff rule, addition of hydrogen halides, addition of hydrogen bromides, peroxide effect, electrophilic addition, mechanism, rearrangement, absence of hydrogen exchange, orientation and reactivity, addition of halogen, mechanism, halohydrin formation, mechanism of free radicals addition, mechanism of peroxide initiated addition of hydrogen bromide, orientation of free addition, additions of carbene to alkene, cyclo addition reactions.


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