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Pharm D 1st Year Pharmaceutics Unit 1 PDF Notes

Updated: Apr 20

Ever wondered how medications come in different forms and how the right dose is determined? This post is your one-stop shop for Pharm D Pharmaceutics Unit 1 PDF notes. We'll delve into the world of dosage forms, their classification and definitions, navigate the different parts of a prescription, and crack the code of posology (calculating the correct dose). You'll learn about factors affecting dose selection and even master calculating doses for children and infants. This post equips you with the foundational knowledge to understand the crucial world of pharmaceutical preparations and their safe and effective use.

Pharm D Human Anatomy And Physiology Notes
Pharm D Pharmaceutics Notes

Pharm D Pharmaceutics Unit 1 PDF Notes

Unit 1

a. Introduction to dosage forms - classification and definitions

b. Prescription: definition, parts and handling

c. Posology: Definition, Factors affecting dose selection. Calculation of children and infant doses.


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