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Pharm D 1st Year Pharmaceutics Unit 7 PDF Notes

Updated: 3 days ago

Ever mixed a salad dressing only to have it separate faster than you can shake it? Pharm D Pharmaceutics Unit 7 PDF Notes is about to make you a master of stable concoctions! This post delves into the world of biphasic dosage forms – liquids with distinct oil and water layers. We'll explore suspensions and emulsions, their advantages, disadvantages, and the science behind creating stable and effective formulations. Get ready to conquer the art of mixing medications and become a pro at stabilizing even the most challenging biphasic forms!

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Pharm D Pharmaceutics Notes

Pharm D Pharmaceutics Unit 7 PDF Notes

Unit 7

Biphasic dosage forms: Suspensions and emulsions, Definition, advantages and disadvantages, classification, test for the type of emulsion, formulation, stability and evaluation.


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